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The occupational therapist supports by analyzing how people carry out their daily activities and conducting sessions to retrain lost skills considering the current environment and helps people overcome the difficulties they face in completing everyday activities.

Our Occupational Therapists specialize in:

  • Evaluating a patient’s condition and needs
  • Developing treatment plans to address a patient’s needs and help them meet specific goals
  • Assessing a patient’s home and/or work environment and recommending adaptations to fit the patient’s needs and improve independence
  • Training patients and their caregivers to use special equipment
  • Helping patients with various disabilities perform different tasks, such as teaching a stroke victim how to get dressed, hold a glass of water, etc.
  • Demonstrating exercise such as stretching the joints for arthritis relief, can help relieve pain in people with chronic conditions
  • Teaching patients how to use that equipment such as wheelchairs and eating aids, etc.

Our experienced occupational therapist can conduct sessions at your home, hotel room, or workplace. Home occupational therapy service packages are available.

To get in-home Occupational therapy services, use the form below.

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